'Algae' refers to a set of organisms which are the oldest life forms on Earth. Algae may be single-celled or multi-celled. Algae have a cell wall and normally reproduce by cell division with energy provided by sunlight, CO2 and micro doses of nutrients.

Algae are more efficient at producing oil than other crops because they grow faster, have high oil % of mass and in a given volume have a larger section of the plant mass that produces oil.

Next Generation Oil Sdn Bhd has developed a commercially viable process for the cultivation of micro algae, on an industrial scale, and the extraction of crude algae oil.

Uses of Algae


Electricity generation

  • CAO is used as a fuel source for a genset

  • 1 ton of CAO will produce 5.4 MWh of electricity


  • Feedstock to produce renewable diesel, bio gasoline, Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) and Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil


Paper Pulp

  • After extracting the oil, the remaining biomass has a high cellulose and protein content, the cell walls have already been broken down and the process to convert it to paper is routine

Electricity/heat generation

  • Dry algae cake can be used as a fuel source, as its Net Calorific Value (NCV) is equivalent to wood chip

Agriculture/Aquaculture Feed

  • Algae is the base of aquatic food chain and there is a huge demand for sustainable feedstock by the aquaculture industry


Next Generation Oil - Raceway Pond vs A-Map

Open Pond System


Next Generation Oil - A-Map Algae Oil Cultivation Technology


Patented System


Next Generation Oil - A-Map vs Photo-Bioreactor

PhotoBio Reactor System

Algae-Modular Automated Plantation (A-MAPTM)

Next Generation Oil has developed a fundamentally different micro algae cultivation and harvesting process that delivers exponentially higher yields, on an industrial scale, at commercially viable production costs.

Our groundbreaking, patented A-MAPTM process utilizes our “honeycomb pool” architecture to achieve levels of algae biomass density, yield and scale previously thought impossible.
Next Generation Oil - Micro Algae Yield

Our Algae Farm

Some images from our plant in Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia